Power to choose

At Dechobot, we believe in freedom, specially freedom of choose.

Desvela Tu Sino

Desvela tu Sino allows the user to read dozens of horror stories in a single book...

Our services

We are devoted to digital content creation and software development and commited to quality...

Our Services

Dechobot S.L. offers a wide range of services, such as digital content generation, branding, software development, multi-language web design and mobile apps. You can see a sample of the results you will get in the portfolio section.

We are speciallized in the following fields:

  • Digital Content creation, At Dechobot, we are speciallized on Digital Content creation, specially open stories, where the reader chooses his own path.
  • Branding, We create strong brand images for your company.
  • Web Design, On demand web design, either for corporative or other purposes.
  • Mobile Applications, We develop mobile Apps., specially for Android devices.

Latest News

Press Release - Spanish Book Day 2013 (April the 23th, 2013)

El próximo 23 de Abril, como todos los años, conmemoramos el día del libro.
Hoy en día la lectura se promueve a través de los formato tradicional en papel, el libro electrónico, que se encuentra en fase de amplia difusión en nuestro entorno y, como novedad presentamos la lectura-escritura interactiva.

Dechobot S.L. founded

Today, Dechobot S.L. has been founded. We are committed to provide a professional and customized service to its clients and customers, and we hope to do it for a long time.

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